Sunday, November 20, 2005

Silly Me

Silly me... I forget to bring back my contact lense case and my spec from my working place... Yea... I started working again... at Parkson but different dipartment... this time I a promoter of Kiki Lala selling kids shoes and Power Puff Girl's shirt ! Oh yea... I'm gonna tell you guys about my holiday soon... I went to China (again) this time ! Here's some pic which I 'touch-up' a bit... all taken in China, give comment la !

Wahahaha ! Have fun reading...

[J] A S O N -- Silly Me

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Part Time VII

Hahaha... thanks Kak Rubi for your good luck wish, oh yea, Kak Rubi is one of the Supervisor in Parkson. She is a nice person, kind and friendly too !

As she know that today is my last day... she gave me a good luck wish ! So nice-nya... Abang Azri is a funny person although I don't know his correct name.

Today is my last day but many things happen but as the time now is very late... so I'll make it really short !

Jenny(LEO), Ann LI, Justin... all off (holiday) !
Hock Chin finally came to work !
The Indian girl came at 6pm, she quite nice.

What else ? Nothing la... lazy to type now ~ ha !

Good Night !

[J] A S O N -- Part Time VII

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Part Time VI

Jenny work morning shift again today. And I very lazy to update my blog today... Will go through routhly...

Today mummy fetch me there as the sky wanted to fall. Work early about 10 minute. Saw Ann Li with her hair down, look nice and different. Work work work... tired. Contact lense not in a good condition, making me felt tired and painful. Use some eye drop... felt better.

5pm, actually before 5pm as tooo hungry, went makan with Ann Li after ate some food from Enquire Kitchen at Carefour. Meet Justin (Ann Li's ex-classmate) and his bro. Have a short chat, according to him, Carefour hiring promoter and planning to take it, at least it's not in Parkson.

Went back Parade at around 5.45pm. Have a short chat with Kent and Jenny(both LEO members from different club) and bought an ice-cream from them. For your information, both of them are working at Buskin Robbins that why I can taste 3 different type of ice-cream the day before (view Part Time v). Waster lotta money today, pokai adi... Jooanne and Mei Gie saw me eating and came to me. Chating... saw Xiao Yu later... she wanted to buy some invitation letter for her 3 year old baby sister... miss the change to meet her sis... too bad... went wash hand at McD resulting wetting my tie, rush to the toilet later to dry it on the auto hand-dry machine. Punch my card in time (in time I guess and actually not punching but the guard write the time on the card) went out and saw Stephanie... have a very short chat and back to my stall late.

Jenny (not the LEO Junny but my permanent part timer) went home after that, work work work, instead of taking care of my counter, I went packing with Ann Li for the cashier as too bored, no one here. Chat with the cashier also. Got to know new friends somemore. That's all lo... oh yea... I almost forget to bring my contact lense case and my bottel home. After 'punching' my card, have body check somemore, don't know why. Jenny(the LEO one) said will belanja me eat ice-cream tomorrow... hehe ! Nice-nya !

[J] A S O N -- Part Time VI

New Stuff

Actually I wanted to post this under Part Time V, but since last night I have no time to do it and it will be boring if I keep on post things about my part time, I decieded to post a new entry named... New Stuff, obviously.

I finally found the magazine I had been looking for the past 4 days, named "FUN" !

Which cost me RM4.50

Anyway, I'm very happy that I finally found the book I wanted so long, although it's just only passed 4 days. Hmmm... the group of guys on the cover were Mayday, a chinese band but I don't like them. I just like some of their songs which is nice & energetic.

Erm, I went home after work and my parents fetch me home after they went to my aunt's dinner. She's getting marry. Cool ! Back to the main story, my mom's second sis(another aunt), just came back from Thailand, and she bought me a T-shirt. She knows I like dragon so she bought me one.

Wow, the dragon is soooo cool and nice ! Give you a closer look...

Cool ler ? Wahaha ! Thank you Thank you !

[J] A S O N -- New Stuff

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Part Time V

Hahaha... today... tired... hahaha... really tired ler ! Jenny only work for morning shift today, so I have to take over her place after 6pm... felt like taking over her job ler... hahaha... felt like I'm the only promoter for Anakku... wahahaha !

Today... I eventually found a nice spot to lazy lazy... hehe, I got my way... haha... not telling here as afraid this message will send out to the higher-post holder... haha ! Will tell you guys later ! Please remind me wo !

Erm, today I 'carried' lotta 'heavy burden' stuff... meaning that...

First Situation :-
A US man came to me, telling me that his Russian wife had bought some stuff from Anakku and felt like changing it to the other stuff... he is also willing to pay more if needed. Okay, thinking that it's nothing, so I help them lo, but I found that he had throwed his reciept which is very important if you wanted to change stuff. Then, I terpaksa ask Ann Li to look for the Executive. He came after that and asked me whether the stuff is from Anakku. "Yes of course (in cantonese)" and he went away... I asked the US man to wait for a while while I have to serve another customer. The Executive asked me a very serious question...
E : " You sure this stuff have 20% when he bought it? "
J : " Ermmm... yea... sure... " (but turn to Ann Li later and asked her, when did he bought the stuff, he said just now right?)
A : " 3 weeks ago... "
J : " What ?! (asked softly) "
E : " Okay, if we found out that the stuff don't have discount then you must pay for them, ok? "
J : " Ermm... okay... "
After we had setter everything... I ask the US man again.
J : " You bought that stuff last 3 weeks? "
U : " I don't know... I just came and my wife said that she bought this stuff 3 weeks ago... "
Okay... after some explanation... we had a short chat...
Fine la, I already prepare to get my 'punishment' ler...

Second Situation :-
Ann Li called me... a woman looking for a baby department promoter. Why ? It's because she wanted to change some stuff. As you know... I'm working under Anakku and under Anakku, they sell Disney and Garfield stuff also... but this lady wanna change something from Baby Kiko. Sigh, as what I thought, changing only maa... don't let people wait too long lo... so I said okay... I help you change.
C : " I want this (holding a plastic bag and a pants), bigger size please. "
J : " Okay... wait a minute. " (as this is not my counter I have to look for it)
After changing, she said again...

C : " The hat is too small... have any bigger one ? "
J : " Erm... wait a minute. "
(Checking, can't find...)
J : " Sorry, I can't find, that's the bigger one ! "
C : " Oh... as this one is too small for my kid, he wear until got hurt. "
J : " Oh... sorry... can't help... "
C : " Okay la, nevermind. So, that is not under you isn't it? " (pointing Pigeon stall)
J : " No... "
C : " How much is this, discount ? "
J : " 10 % "
C : " You sure or not... ? "
J : " Orange tag mean 10 %, yea... "

Bla bla bla... finally end jod at 10pm... haha ! Hey... I today got taste 3 different type of Buskin Robbins ice-cream and heard that Vior pecatkan all those part-timer resulting Nicole stop working today and today is Mun Yi's last day... sad hor ? So Sabrina is not alone lo... lol !

Ahyoo... now 1am already... typing this for 2 hour while chatting with my new net friend Ken and watch TV. Haha... sleep la... Good Night !

Key word:-
J - Jason
E - Executive
A - Ann Li
U - US Man
C - Customer

[J] A S O N -- Part Time V


Hmmm... I guess you guys had already felt bored to look at the work ' Part Time ' right ? I post almost everyday since after I started working... it's like my electronic diary now... which will be post online and I share my diary which you ! See, how kind am I ? Sharing is caring maa....

Anyway... I opened Photoshop last night and have fun with it. Actually I forget everything about Photoshop already but still manage to make some funny and cool (that's what I think) picture.

So, why are you waiting...? Check my picture la !!!

I took this pic after work(remember or not? check Part Time IV)... added something on it... hehe...

Do I look stupid or funny ?

Wahahaha... so orange... isn't it ?

Comment please... wahahaha ! Thank you, Thank you !

[J] A S O N -- Photoshop

Friday, November 04, 2005

Part Time IV

Today went to Subang Parade early, at 9am. As Jenny asked me to come early to listen the briffing... Damn bored, the briffing is always same as the tranning session. " You must have E.S.G. ... ... bla bla bla... ..."
Some of the people who attented the briffing had been force to do some 'acting' about the E.S.G.

What is E.S.G. you ask, it is :
(E) Eye -- Must have EYE contact with your customer.
(S) Smile -- Must SMILE no matter whatever happen between you and your customer.
(G) Greet -- Must GREET your customer such as :" Good morning/afternoon/everning, Sir/Madam/Mr/Miss, I'm *whoever*, HOW MAY I HELP YOU ?

Seriously, ' how may I help you ', izzit something wrong. The Floor Executive, En Roslan asked me to say that. But, I think it's not correct lo, I thought I have to say ' how can I help you ' instead of that? *Forget about it*

Actually I have lotta unhappy stuff to type, but I lazy to type it la... haha ! Anyway, I saw lotta babies (obviously) but not all baby la. A Small Japanese boy around 2 - 3 years old came to my stall and play with me. So kawaii !!! Cute cute cute !!! He even say bye bye to me ler... hahaha ! I'm toooo attractive no matter to baby, small kids, young girls and even mature guys ! Wahaha ! (Proud-nya, I know I terlalu perasan la, but what can I do ? It's a truth !)

Talking about 'Mature Guy', today I went home early (as I work early of course), mummy didn't cook for me. I went to Carrefour to eat. While walking to the food court, I saw a man, keep looking at me and I felt...(you know)... , I have enough exprience and I know he is !

Bla bla bla... nothing I can say if you guys don't believe me. Anyway... here's some picture before and after I work. Wahaha !

'Picha' Time !
Me in my LEO uniform, wear that to work, sweat ! +_+ "

My first day.

Second Day.

Third Day.

Still the third day, took more pic as I wear contact lences (poser) .


Me after work (the thrid day)

Piggy me... z...Z...Z...

Wow ! I like this pic, look so... fantasy... ^^
[J] A S O N -- Part Time IV

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Part Time III

Wahaha... today's job is quite smooth... everyone is also friendly to me. Hehe... now only I know that the STUPID fella who scolded me twice yesterday is not a supervisor or whatever big-post-holder... but just a stupid-normal-staff-entrance-watch-dog (guard la) !!! I know, I know, I'm a bit rude, or maybe not, VERY RUDE, but what can I do, I really damn mad of him ! What the "fantastic" is that?

Same like yesterday, those Floor Executive or Manager kept on walking around and they are so annoying... I wanna rest also cannot... imagine that you stand at the same floor for 4 hour straight without getting the chance to sit... you will be mad ! Sigh, working... is not that easy actually.

Work early today, around 1.45pm (suppose at 2pm), before step into the hell, through the stuff entrance... I went to WOS (World Of Sports) which is away from the HELL (Parkson), which I known them as the HAVEN, as their rules are more lose than Parkson, just to look for Yiun Zi, Jooanne and Mei Gie. They working there ma, wanna ajak them lunch together... ^_^

After that, I eventually stepped into The Door Of HELL and walk to the elevator. Emily saw me when I'm going to the second floor and we had a short chat, Emily is working for... err... I dono and she just work for 4 hour only. She said she go home at 3pm and will look for me by that time. Went to my floor later, the third and top floor, saw my new friend. Have a very short chat while walking to my department. Ann Li saw me and scolded me (kinda), saying me that I'm stupid to be there so early and supposely can walk walk for a while... haha... just wanna be there in time. Haha !

Finally 5pm arrive ! Ann Li went makan an hour ago, I went at 5.10pm. Went to WOS but see no shadow of them. Called Yiun Zi, found that they were already in McD. Rush to McD and asked Yiun Zi the reason why not telling me about they had went to McD but she said she had sent me a SMS which I haven't recieve... yet. Order a Fillet o'Fish which cost me RM 7.09. Yesterday's Chicken Rice (I went to Carrefour, Food Court) RM 4 and a cup of Ice Lemon Tea RM 1.40. Waaa... waste money only. But what can I do, must eat ler, otherwise no energy.

Teck Hao, Mei Gie, Yiun Zi, Jooanne, Jazz Reen, Lu Bin (I know I spelled wrongly), one more girl and me eat together lo. Everyone left after finish eating. Went to toilet after lunch and went to Vior to check whether Sabrina is there and wanted to look for Nicole to have a short chat as Mun Yi already saw me, with my uniform. Hahaha ! Poor Sabrina, not hired by Piggy (Peggy la, her actual name)

Went back to my department and started my work again. Jenny (the full time promoter) asked me to wrap some card board so she can make some hamper for the customer. I wrap it while she went for her break.

What else ? Oh yea, Emily suddenly pop out around 9pm as she having dinner with her parents and her maid celebrating Hari Raya(for her maid I guess). My new friend, Yan Feng (I know, wrong spelling again) asked me whether wanna work after my China Trip at Disney Department but still in Parkson, payment is about RM4 per hour. Although the paymwnt is quite attractive (it's not as high pay as the other department but at least it's hgher than what I got now) but I hate it when I know it's around Parkson. I guess I'll swear that not to work in Parkson ler... hehe ^^"

Anyway... Yiun Zi is kinda helpful and she told me that there's might be empth place in WOS for Diadora. I hope I can get it after my holiday... (praying) haha !

Okay la, gtg now... daddy nagging... haha ! Getting fatter now as eat after 10pm EVERYDAY !!! wow ! Better keep fit ler... haha !

[J] A S O N -- Part Time III

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Part Time II

Sigh... tiring... I used to think working is a very easy job...
"A promoter wor, easy job la, can la..." ---> that is what I used to think
"Tired, tired, tired, working is not a easy job..." ---> this is what I think now...
Actually I wanted to write something about that STUPID supervisor but I really tired now la... tell you guys next time la... remember to ask from me wor !
Hehe !

[J] A S O N -- Part Time II

Part Time I

Finally I found a Part Time job !
It's a... err... a promoter... for... err...
Okay, I'll be a promoter selling baby stuff for Anaku just for one week !
Haha, some of you might be laughing at me now but what can I do ? I need $$

Actually I tried to ask the other department but no one wants me.
You can see when I went to Vior with Sabrina and both of us left our name and phone number there. Few days later, they called Sabrina and ask her for an interview but they called me and said " No need, thank you !" Sigh...
What can I do ? Not my fault right ?

Anyway... I'll be going to China on the 9th of November so it's ok la as the Anaku company just wanna hire me for a week, start working today.
Wow, Pakson is quite strict nowadays and they insist their workers to wear Black cover Shoe, Black long pants, White Shirt and what else... they want us to waer neck tie ! Yer... one more thing, those people who is 15 years old and below were not allow to work. Even your birthday is on December also cannot ler... haha...

Gtg now... have to get ready now (although it's still early)

[J] A S O N -- Part Time I

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Party Night

Last Saturday I went for my club's Halloween Party... it's my first time to attend such party as it is a custume party, mean u have to wear a custume lo... lol

Before the party began... a few weeks ago... before exam... I went Carrefour and look for some mask... finally I think of being a Vampire... woo... but finally bought a skeleton face mask and a long nylon hair. Actually my sis don't want to go but I still force her to buy something so she will go to the party lo... she bought a fake blood and some make-up for a ghost face... something like that. Eventually she did not attent and I borrowed some of her fake blood... haha !

Erm... That afternoon, I change into black and white... like a waiter... haha ! Check it out !

Haha... do I look like a gangster? Anyway... I'll be borrowing June's cape (actually from Mr Jacob) to make myself more look like a "Blood Sucker" ! Help my mom cook Speghatti to bring to Sabrina's house ! Haha... going to Sabrina's house later.

From Left:
Sabrina the Fairy Angel
Yi Lin the (Lady) Zoro

From Left:
Wan Si the Bunny Girl
Fairy Sab
Zoro Lin
Jason the Vampire

Haha... good one... check out the next picture I post...

Everyone:" The 'VJ' (Vampire Jason) had opened his eyes... watch out !"

Hehe... nice... how do I look? Funny ? Freaky ? or Stupid ? Give me comment la wooi !
Oh yea... Pn Kalwant and her daughter came too and she also wear a mask for us to take picture... her Purple Fairy daughter was so cute that night... Pn Kalwant also help us light up the torch as well... wahahaha... but she left early and her daughter is like kinda... angry? Sad actually... she had been looking forward for this Halloween Party but end up with doing nothing but only eating. She wanna play game lo, as she ask me whether there is game going on... sad la.

Pn Kalwant with our Devil mask

Pn Kalwant's cute Purple Fairy (daughter la)

Pn Kalwant helping us as I had mentioned.

Finally... we took groups picture. Let's see...

From Left to Right then Down:
June the (Black) Fairy Princess
Sabrina the (White) Fairy Angel
Yi Lin the (Lady) Zoro
Jason the (Darkness) Vampire aka 'VJ'
*forget her name* (Thrish) the (Purple) Fairy

# how come there's so many fairies in halloween?

The BOD of LEO Club of SMKSU 2005/2006.

Q:Who's the most scary one in the pic?
A:The tallest one !
(Quite true... He did scare me that night !)

Zack :"Boo !"
Everyone :" AAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh.....!!!"

Hahaha... funny ! Anyway... I manage to take picture with girl who gets the TBC (TBC stands for "The Best Custume") Award and she is Sarah (if no spelling mistake) with her whole red custume with the LEO tie as her tail... the so called 'Devil from Heven' and the Vampire Lady, Qistina... she look nice that night... ^^

From Left:
Sarah the Devil from Haven
Jason the 'VJ' ( 'VJ' actually stands for Vampire Jun or Vampire Jason)

From Left:
Sarah the Devil from Haven(as the background)
Jason the Vampire Man
Qistina the Vampire Lady

So happy that night ! Took some of my poser pic again... hahaha !

How do I look? Must give me comment la... otherwise I'll suck your blood tonight... wahahahaha ! (Did you guys notice that my fang is a bit cacat)

You can't see me ! Hehe... (Happy with my acting, wheee...)

Okay la... that's all for my Halloween Party Night la... Good Night !

[J] A S O N™ -- Halloween Party Night