Thursday, April 07, 2005


Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and I hope my blog will be full of laughter. All negative things will be covered by the positives jokes... lame~

  • Separate from his travel group in the Sahara Dessert, a tourist begged a passong nomad for water. "Sorry," said the tribesman. "I have no water, but I do have a selection of lovely ties for sale."
    "You must be crazy," the tourist replied. Close to death from thirst, he saw another nomad. "Water!" he gasped. "Give me some water."
    "Sorry, I have no water," came the reply, "only these handsome ties that I'd be glad to sell you."
    The tourist stumbled on until, to his astonishment, he saw a magnificent hotel far in the distance. Crawling at last into the lobby, he croaked, "Please give me water."
    "I'm sorry, sir," the doorman said. "We don't let anyone in without a tie." (J-S)
  • Two cockroaches were munching on rubbish. "I was in that new restaurant across the street," said one. "It's so clean! The kitchen is spotless and the floor gleam. It's the most sanitary place I've ever seen."
    "Please," frowned the other cockroach. "Not while I'm eating!" (J-S)
  • A sales manager complained to a colleague about one of his salesmen. "George is so forgetful it's a wonder he can sell anything. I asked him to get me a sandwich while he's out for lunch, but I'm not sure he'll even remember to come back."
    Just then the door flew open and in came George. "You'll never guess what happened," he exclaimed. "At lunch, I met the head of one of the biggest firms in the country. We got talking and he gave me an order worth $15 million!"
    "See'" said the sales manager. "I told you he'd forget the sandwich." (J-S)
  • On his first day, a newcomer to prison heard the other inmates roar with laughter each time one of them called out a number. Mystified by this, he asked his cellmate what was happening. "We know all our jokes so well that, to save time retelling them, we've numbered them," he was told.
    Thinking he would join in, the newcomer shouted "208." To his amazement, the whole prison shook with laughter. The cellmate wiped tears from his eyes and commented, "We hadn't heard that one before." (J-S)
  • A woman is sitting at a bar when a man approaches her and says, "Hi, sweetie. Want a little company?"
    "Why?" asked the woman. "Do you have one to sell?" (J-S)
  • A male crab met a female crab and asked her to marry him. She noticed that he walked straight instead of sideways. Wow! She thought. This crab is really special. I can't help let him get away. So they merried immediately.
    The next day she was dismayed to notice her husband walking sideways like all the other crabs. "What's happened?" She sobbed. "You used to walk straight before we married."
    "Oh, darling," he said, "I can't drink that much every day." (J-S)

So, how was it? Funny or... ?


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bad Luck...

What had happen to me today? Why?
This morning, I switched n my computer. 15 minutes later, this computer started giving me some usual problem (as you know, my computer always show up a ' no signal ' sign, then I have to restart my computer and do everything all over again). In the next 15 minutes time, my comp gave the same signal for 5 times ! [I think I have to bring my computer to the see a ' Doctor ' already.]

I went to school after that. The first and second period was Kimai (Chemistry) and as we were in a ' floating class ' [for your information, my school don't have enough classroom so that's why we have to use the school's LAB], we have to float to another class if the class want to use the lab. I found a seat at the side of the class, Nicholas was sitting next to me and listen to the chemistry teacher carefully (he is a hardworking student). I was tired that time so I lean against the wall, when I move my hand, "OUCH!!" I was cut by the glass window situated next to me. Nevermind, I think as my arm was still ok. I continue listen to the teacher (as my chemistry is not good) and suddenly I saw something... What was that? GHOST? Sure not la !!! I saw my right sleeve was dirty! There was a small black spot on it and I don't even notice it before that. How does the spot came? I don't know !

Fine! No one knows ! After chemistry class we went to 5 Alpha (I guess) and have our Moden Math class, boring. Actually I got a nice place to sit but my friends rampas (snatch) the place from me. So I had been force to sit another side of the class and have to suffer again as the place there was very hot. Suddenly, I saw my hand with some yellowish in colour, unremoveable, looks 'geli' sticky thing stick to my hand. Now only I discover that the table was also 'having the same problem' as me. Blek !!

Just now (around 3 o'clock), I actually want to go out to buy something but the sky was so dark and it's going to rain, I thought. But at the end, I don't think any single rain drop fall on the ground today!!

At 6 o'clock, Sabrina called me. She asked me whether I'm free on the 23th of April and told me that don't know where (should be in Klang ), which school, is having an IU (International Understanding) Day. I want to go...but the place is far, the ticket is expensive (RM32/person) and if I can go... or I should said, if I want to go, I have to face this problem:
  • to ask and hope my parents, especially my dad, allow me go
  • how to go? Transport problem (might be taking the train)
  • what to wear (I don't have any formal shirt and dowan to wear club uniform)
  • will I get bored? (everytime I atten this type function. I'll easyly get bored couse no one wanna chat/talk with me.)
  • if I can go, I have to pay for the ticket and have to 'fast' for a few days to save some money for the IU Day.

AHHH~ sad la today. I hope my luck will come back by tomorrow. Enjoy reading?


Tuesday, April 05, 2005


My shirt...look stupid and ugly on my body...

I wonder why, I wonder how...
When I wear this shirt and I took this picture, even before taking this picture, I feel like this is gay... Don't you think so? This picture look soooo GAY~!! Someone even said I look like a gay model... (really arr?)



Me in black...
Cool !!

This was taken in my friend's room by using his webcam.
In this picture, I was wearing a black shirt that was given me as my birthday present by June, Sabrina, Sue Keng and Yi Lin. Thanks guys!!



Just wanna show some of You.

He is Alexander Wang Lee Hom, erm... same as before, I told you guys that he is a telented person, smart, good-looking, and more... (don't you think so..? You don't? But I do !) He is my idol !!!


Monday, April 04, 2005


I hope I could be...
as handsome as Nicholas
as actractive as Xiao Yu
as smart as Jia Kit
as hardworking as Evonne
as rich as Boon Heng
as creative as Fiona
as famous as Everyone !!!

I hope my...
handwriting as neat as everyone who have neat handwriting
voice as nice as every singer
hairstyle as cool as every guys that have cool hairstyle
English as well as everyone who can speak English well
friends as many as everyone outsite !!!

I hope I'm not being left out...

But, how could it be? No one is 100% perfect here !!

*This is just some craps of mine, so please don't keep this in your mind.All this are bullshit(s) !! Haha~
Okay, I admit, I know it's a bit "sweat", but I have nothing to write, so just simply type something in this blog, hehe !



For your information, this is Jaycee.

So, this is Jia Jun aka Jason la... I just wondering... why some of the people said I look like Jaycee ? I dono why... haih. I look ugly and really, I don think that I look like him... how wonderful if I look like him, I think I can be an actor and can be a STAR(that's what I hope to be)!! Haha, kidding....So , do give some comment about this ... TQ.



Sunday, April 03, 2005


Ah-ha, finally came back from Cheras (place where my grandparents stay). The time now is 12.40 am, hehe, still awake, so decieded to type something into my blog. Erm... I'll tell you guys what they (my mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle...) chat about. It's about GHOST !!! Are you afraid of ghost???
According to their conversation, Japan is the most 'dirty' place. They also said that most hotels have those 'thing'. But if u don't 'kacau'(disturb) them, they will not harm you.
The funny part is when they talk about 'preventing' or also known as 'the way to get rid of ghost(???)'... and it is :-
Before entering the room:
  • knock 3 times on the door
  • open the door slowly but don't go in first
  • go in after a few minute

In the room:

  • your slipper, don't put it in an order way, put one of them up-side-down while the other left it in a normal way. Or don't put it together, separate it !!!
  • don't ever off the light (don't left yourself in the dark). Switch on the toilet light, the night light or the corridor light.

Well, how is it? Izzit creepy or nice? Haha ! I don't think I'll get any good comment for this. Enjoy reading guys !! Ciao !


Friday, April 01, 2005

Okay... as this is my first blog, I'll just write(I mean type) some craps here, to make it look... NEW ?? haha.
Okay, will start from introducing myself(it's short),
I'm Jason, 16 year old this year/2005, a guy from Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. What else? I like Alexander Wang Lee Hom,he is my idol and he is a talented singer/musician, he plays a lot of instrument in order to make his music nice and good.
How wonderful, I finally made a blog for my self... but... is it wierd that
Jia Jun have a blog? If it's not, why does some people get shock when they know that I have a blog?
Anyway, this is my blog, and this is the first time I make a blog so if there's any mistake or something wrong, I hope U will forgive me... thanks !!!
That's all la ! So, thanks for coming in to my blog and hope you will have a nice day.