Friday, December 30, 2005


Today, almost the whole afternoon, I was busy cleaning up my cupboard. As you know, New Year is coming and I'll be one of the senior in school next year. Form 5 ler, no kidding !

Cleaning, cleaning and cleaning;
No fan, no wind and no nothing.
Damn hot up here~ But what can I do ? Nothing !
The only thing I can do is to clean up my stuff as fast as I can and go to bath later.

Before going further, have a look at some of my pic taken while cleaning...

Know what is that ?

My Form 5 books la !

This is notes from Justin, thanks man !

My Form 4 books.

Tuition's paper.

Un-used bag, papers and files...

My book cupboard.

This is the caligraphy book I'm giving to my sis !

Form 1 till Form 3 exercise books.

Know what ? I felt surprise to find my Standard 5 Chinese books.

My Form 1 till Form 3 old books !

Wasted. Newly bought Science and Mathematic books... have to throw away to clear up some space.

All the going-to-be-throw-away books.

Haha... I also found some books which I bought since Standard 4 !

But although I wanna throw all those text book, I still wanna keep all the Art subject text book.

Bye bye...

Hmmm... I do have some empty space now...

My Form 5 books had moved into their new home together with their new neighbour.

Wow... look at the time now... It's 3.30pm and I'm still cleaning !


Finally finish cleaning up ! It's around 4 something now. Sat down and have a rest. Suddenly I felt hungry and realised that I haven't take my lunch... yet =.=
Went for a bath. Wow, it's so refreshing !

Mummy brought us to McD to have our dinner. I ordered a Grill Chicken Mc*something* set and a Double Cheese Burger. Hehe ! Really hungry and I have an Sundey Cone Ice-cream as dessert. I'm full now.

When I'm in the car, I felt very cold as rain just stop and had a refill coke and ate an ice-cream... that's why... *shivering*

Before buying breakfast for tomorrow, we went to the recycle bin to recycle those books that I doesn't need. Arrived home at 6.30pm, mom cut some fruits and I have to share a pear and apple with my sister. Very full now, really !

Should end now, okay ?

Hey, look at some of my poser pics before going... ^^

Hair messy...

Kinda long too...

I don't really do my hair when I'm at home... haha !

After bath... after McD... of course hair not messy la !


[J] A S O N -- Cleaning

Friday, December 16, 2005


Jason : "Hey, have a Jolly Chirstmas and a Happy New Year !!!"

Hmmm... the picture up there was taken last month by using Sabrina's Samsung Camera Phone.
And... as Christmas and New Year is coming soon, I decieded to post this pic up here so wish all my readers a Jolly Chirstmas and Happy New Year ! Enjoy your holiday and have fun celebrating Christmas. Oh yea, and don't forget to give me a Christmas Present ! Haha... joking !

Just wanna tell, I'm going to a some sort of an Orphanage named Shelter Home with some LEO members joining together with SRI KL and Seafield ! Yea... a joint project !

Organising Chairperson : Nathelie Wong ( SRI KL )
Project Secretary : Jenny & Li Jen ( Seafield )
Project Treasurer : Jason Chong ( SMK SU )

Yea... it will be a very meaningful project and hope that all those kids will not be hyper after eating sweet things. (Heard of kids there ate sweet things then turn hyper 'killing' the LEO members last time... haha ! Funny & Scary in the same time...)
[J] A S O N -- Wishing

Monday, December 12, 2005


Today... a sad day... mummy and sis went Melacca for a one day trip, Daddy working, got tuition, nothing to eat at home, Stephie going back Kedah, raining heavyly, and so and so...
but finally daddy came home and brought me to Selmon Steak and eat westen food.

Under a big unbralla, on a round table, a cup of water + oil + fire... just like a candle... like having a candle-light dinner with someone else... haha! The waiter asked my dad whether we wanna change the seat and stay indoor but my dad said outside will be fine... that's why she laugh... saying : " Duduk di sini ada lilin dan dua ornag lelaki saja..."
but I answered : " Tak apa la... ayah dan anak ma..."

Just felt that this conversation is funny... even myself felt gay today... haha ! That's all la... good night !

[J] A S O N -- Funny

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Today I went to Sunway Pyramid for a ex-primary-6D class-gathering. Haha, exciting, I get leave from my job for that ! I took a mini bus in the morning at 10.30am and have a very very short chat with the bus driver and the ticket checker, as there is only me, him(driver) and her(ticket checker). Oh yea, the fee raise to RM0.80 (used to be RM0.70)

Arrive Sunway Pyramid at 10.45am and went for a walk inside, well, I went to the comic shop(not exactly a comic shop) to look for some chinese novel. I found around 6-8 books which I am interested included one comic book which will cost me RM30 plus. But I din't buy anything as it is 11am by the time and I have to meet them at the entrance.

Saw Tan Yang at the ectrance and we chatted till we saw Shi Wei. Walked in and looked down the floor and found that Yu Wee is working for Luney Toons. He was wearing a blue Twitty Bird shirt, so nice and cute of course.

Jade was still at home by 11.30am and arrive at 11.45. Actually we had a plan, a secret one. To celebrate a surprice birthday party for Sue Shan, and plan to choose a cake for her. But as Jade said choosing a cake don't take much time so we waited for the rest.

Kim Leong came in after that and Gwen Ling (the main character) came as well. She came back from New Zealand and staying at her aunt's house I guess. Until 12.30pm, suddenly someone said have to go McD as Hon Sam told Xinnee and Xinnee told Kim Leong to meet there. So everyone went to McD.

On the way there, I saw Sze Yee and gang, they wanna go for a movie and I just stop there to say hi. Eventually they test me to name out their name as I had forgetten one or more than one of their name. Hehe... I'm not a good guesser as I always forget names !

After leaving them, on the way to McD with my ex-classmates, saw Hon Sam and Gabriel, not together with Tong Yao and Mun Hoe. Went to McD and found no one there. Waited and saw Zheng Huan and Kun Chuan coming and later Xinnee and Chee Shan. Finally Sue Shan and Xin Yee.

Well, to know what's Sue Shan's favorite cake, Jade gave out a lame question... She asked Xin Yee
"I wanted to buy a cake for my friend as she is going to celebrate her birthday, but I don't know which to buy, Xin Yee, what is your favorite cake ?" -- Jade
"I like cheese cake ! What about you Sue Shan ?" -- Xin Yee
(Isn't it obvious, plus, Xin Yee's very excited and she kept on asking Sue Shan about her favorite cake, Sue Shan laugh as like she know what's going on. I don't know whether Xin Yee knows about the Secret Birthday Celebration but after looking on her exicting look... she knows, obviously. Actually I wanted to ask them some test by using cakes, but as Jade had throw the question out, and if I throw another one, it'll be more obvious.)
"I like chocolate cake." -- Sue Shan, answering with a wide smile.
(Xin Yee turn to me...)
"What about you, Jia Jun?" -- Xin Yee
"Erm, I prefer... ?? " -- Jason/Jia Jun
(The question came so suddenly even myself don't know what to say...eventually, my answer is...)
"Fruit Cake." -- Jason
(Wait a minute, Secret Recipe sell fruit cake ??)
(Softly)"Xin Yee, does that Secret Recipe sell fruit cake?" -- Jason
"No." -- Xin Yee

Arrggg... nevermind. Then, Tan Yang and Jade told everyone that they are going to check the time for the movie, I said I want to follow. Gwen Ling and Shi Wei came along too. On our way, we saw Qihan and Tan Yang wanted to tell him go to McD but instead of telling him to McD, he said
" Go to the canteen" (and he said it for more than one time, Qihan don't feel funny but silly. Tan Yang missed school so much !)
Then in front of the cake shop, me and Jade went in and the rest of them went upstairs. Finally we choose Chocolate Flude and Jade pay for it... first. It cost her RM60 and my RM5.10 as the whole cake is RM62 and after added the tax on, RM65.10.

Without putting the cake into the box, I pick up the tray, borrowed a lighter from the man, then go to McD. Everyone was watching me holding a cake, funny. There is a group of youngster sitting at the another side of McD. In order to light up the candle and give Sue Shan a surprise, we walk forward to the group of youngster, actually wanted to put the cake on the table behind them. They thought we want to give them cake, haha ! Funny part indeed.

Something goes wrong later... Sue Shan don't seems happy but give us some bitter-smile : hehe ! Maybe she already know that we are going to do her this surprise thinggy. Anyway, Ming Lun came in later as he had his tuition, even on the holiday ! Everyone have to pay RM4 and eat as many cake as they like, but in the end, Tan Yang ate 2 pieces, I ate more than 5 pieces and the rest only 1 piece. Hehe, have to finish all the cake right ? And I'm very hungry that time, have not eat anything for breakfast. As no one want to finish the cake, then I'll do it lo... lol.

But in the end, no one can finish the 1/4 of the cake so we decieded to give it to the people who are eating McD that time. Some people accept our cake. Finally, I gave the last 1/4 piece from the 1/4 before that to a young guy. Haha !

Went to the cinema. Problem occur... again. This time, Gwen Ling don't want to follow us for a movie as she said she's going back at 4pm, as well as me because I'm working at 6pm. But finally Hon Sam manage to convince me and Gwen Ling to stay back and we watch Narnia. Before watching, Jade took some pictures for us ! You see ! I for get to bring my camera again ! What happen to me ? Always forget to bring something with me !

Met Khe Chun & Xue Mei and their gang and of course, the Form 5 gang which is Su Yin there all, I guess... and we have 30 minute time to have a walk walk so I went to the comic shop I mention earlier. Bought 6 books which cost me RM36 and went back to the cinema. Bought a cup of large coke, went into the cinema.

...*Watching Narnia*... (suddenly Hon Sam's phone call) ...*have a short chat*... (then he asked)
"Did you guys realise that 1 person is missing ? Ming Lun is still outside..."
What the ! The movie had gone for less than 30 min and no one realise Ming Lun is not with us !
OMG ! Hon Sam and Zheng Huan went out to look for Ming Lun.

...*Finish Movie*... Everyone went into the toilet and I walk with Kim Leong to the bus stop. Now only I know Mini Bus have 2 types which is KTM --> Sunway & USJ --> Sunway. Both of us saw one mini bus coming and it's the USJ one, so he went in. While I'm still waiting... but cannot tahan already la... rush in to find a toilet !

...Nature call, who can stop it coming ? I went back to the bus stop and waited, saw the mini bus I took this morning. The time is 6pm and I thought I'll be back at 6 something and can rush to work asap. But, wait a minute... it went into Sunway, passed through Sunway College, the hostel and bla bla bla and finally came out back to Sunway Pyramid ! What the... don't tell me this bus is not going back to KTM, I went to the bus driver and the ticket checker which are sitting at the same place since this morning, asking them whether are they going back to KTM, and they said yes, so I sat down and wait.

Before arrive home I sms-ed my sis and ask her to tell mom to prepare my working cloth. I ran home at 6.15pm and arrive at 6.25pm and rush up, on the way rushing up my mom scolded me for not taking too much care on my time. I rush to work after that and reached the Suna g Parade at 7pm. Was late I know.

Chong Ting, Matric & New Era promoter and her colleague, *guy name* saw me and laugh. I'm sweating like just came under the rain. Hair was wet. Elaine went home already leaving me and Azi, another promoter after asking Sarah to stop for one month. Working like a mad man yesterday ! Super siao have so many customer ! Oh yea... and saw Gwen Ling again ! Shopping with her friends or cousin, most probably... and saw Su Yan too !

Went home at 11 something then started to type this thing lo... and stop and continue and stop and continue...

That's all la ! I'm going work liao... hope you guys enjoy reading this entry la ! Bye !

[J] A S O N -- Gathering

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Uncle's Wedding Dinner

Today is my uncle's wedding dinner... actually I had already planned to bring my camera to take some picture as LAST WEEK I forgot to bring the camera on my Aunty's wedding dinner ! Yea... 2 wedding dinner on in one week ! Both of them got married on last Saturday (26th of December). My aunty had her wedding dinner first on last Sunday (27th of December) and my uncle had his's today (3rd of December).

*Back to the point* Yea... forget to bring my cam this time, again ! But actually nothing much lo... just feel happy to see all of them got their perfect soul mate. Hehe !

Okay... I'll try to get their pics if I can... and will post it right here if the entry is still here.

Anyway... I felt bad lo... why am I always keep foegeting to bring camera to some big event like that ? Sad la... so silly la me... and... a bit drunk liao... as drank 3 cups of normal bir... hehe... just joking... how can I drunk that fast ?

[J] A S O N -- Uncle's Wedding Dinner

Friday, December 02, 2005

Question (1)

I guess you are wondering where is my China trip's post right ? So let me answer your question.

As you know, I'm a bit not-so-cleaver to blog so I have to take some time to finish it, besides for your information I'm now working for KiKi LaLa Shoes department and having Add Math tuition even during the holidays... so I'm like kinda... ? no time ? Hehe... so please be patient !

Thank you !

[J] A S O N -- Question (1)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Gosh !

Gosh ! My colleague is a 50/50 ! ( you know, half half? ...sigh... not going to elaborate anymore if you are stupid enough to not understand ! What am I talking here ?)

Gosh ! I'm fat after I started working as taking my dinner... erm... supper every night after 10pm. As you know... eating after 9pm is bad for our health !

Gosh ! What am I doing here ? Just to make my blog a bit 'alive' ? Yea... Sweat !

[J] A S O N -- Gosh !