Saturday, February 18, 2006

An Announcement

There are some activities for you guys to attend or to join. Please do come and support us ! Thank you !
On the 25th of February, there will be a musical charity concert going on. It's actually a joint project among 13 clubs and all the leos will be performing on that day. I do will perform and I guess it will be fun ! Focus on me that day when I'm dancing will make you laughing to death !Haha... serious ! Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, I might be one of the model for the Fashion Parade. Beside dances and modeling, we also have bands, singing songs, and bla bla bla... wanna know what is going on do come and get your ticket from me for RM 15 ! Oh yea, the name of this project is LEO Musical Charity Concert (LMCC) and the profits will be donated.
Venue : Sunway/Monash College MultiPurpose Hall
Date : 25th of February 2006
Time : from 4 pm to 7 pm
Price : RM 15/ticket
On the 25th of March, my club will be having our IU Day. IU Day stands for International Understanding Day. On that day, I'm not going to perform anything but will only be a coordinator with Sabrina. Might be using walkie-talkie too ! So so so cool~ ! Actually they wanted me to be in the sketch, to be the main cheractor but I did not accept the 'job', as I wanna give chance the juniors to act, let them join... See ! How kind am I ? The informations are:
Venue : Summit USJ Auditorium
Date : 25th March 2006
Time : from 2 pm to 6 pm
Price : RM 15/ticket
[J] A S O N -- An Announcement

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sorry Again

Really ! I'm kinda busy nowadays and now I was introduce an online game, yea... I did said that I don't play online games but I can't resist this ! It's O2Jam ! Yea, even though it has been there for quite a long time, but still I just join it and have a great fun there !

Being a beginner, I have to 'work hard' to gain level, so I was busying with that and my school works & activities !

These few days, many but not-so-many things had happen. Let's talk about Friday.

For your information, I'm also a Quater Master, work in the store room during PE. What I should do is not allowing people go into the store room as they like and have to note down what had they borrowed (basketballs, footballs, softballs, ...) for their PE. Then that time, 3 of us there working + talking and suddenly 4 Form 1 boys came in wanted to borrow some ping pong bats and table and of course, the ping pong ball. Of course we don't allow as they are afternoon session student and they are not allow to play in the morning. Chase them off, but they don't listen. So let them sit. After that they left.

Another QM girl came in after that and found her purse lost ! She asked 3 of us whether we see it anywhere but can't find it anywhere. Finally I brought her to look for the discipline teacher and get the 4 boys with her. Eventually the discipline teacher manage to make them tell the truth and she said she's gonna report it to the school and tell their parents. Haha, I was there with the teacher, 4 boys, the victim and her friend as I'm one of the witness ! So cool !

Friday... that's the only special thing had happen ! What about Saturday ?

Chinese Language Society had their Membership Drive on that day, which is yesterday. I was one of the Em-cee but don't really get to speak as my partner said most of the things... but the cool part is, I get to join the Modeling Chinese Traditional Clothing. I wear 2 different "Ma Gua" but as it's too big, I have to use belt and stuff to stablise it. Will show the picture if I get it from my friends.

Oh, I forget to tell William that I'm not going to the Leo Mesical Charity Concert Meeting. Before that I asked him to fetch me there and I forget to tell him no need after that. He scolded me when he called. Really sorry William ! I don't mean it !

I guess that's all la, so at least I updated my blog on the last day of Chinese New Year. But still, I wanted to wish all the Chinese who celebrate Chinese New Year... " Happy Chinese New Year !!!" Hope everything you wish come true !

[J] A S O N -- Sorry Again