Friday, September 23, 2005


... ... ooi... ooi... sick la me...
I din't go to school this morning and not going to school tomorrow lo, because I sick already.
Telling the truth, my butt grow something like a pimple and it's very paintful ! It's really paintful till I cannot sit nor stand, can just only lying on the bed... hehe ! But I went to school yesterday as I have English oral with Nicholas and have chinese class. After class I went to the clinic with my mom and the doctor advice me to have some rest. So my mom asked the doctor to write me a MC for 2 days. Hehe... so will not going to school on Friday and Saturday. Last night, I got fever also, my mom was so worry and she take care of me for the whole night. As the doctor gave me 3 different medicine to eat. One is like a pain-killer, another is for swelling and finally is an antibiotic. I have to finish all the antibiotic and have to take 1 for every 6 hour. Sad case.
Anyway... just a note for you guys. Remember not to sit on the hotty place as it will result pimples on your butt. Unbelievable ? Believe it ! Otherwise just try for yourself !

[J] A S O N

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Short Note

Just another short note for you guys...

" Ha ? Another gay note again? " asked people
" No lax~ It's just a normal simple note just to inform you guys that I might not be blogging my blog that much already, or maybe either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I'll blog and update something together sorry as I can't online everyday adi~ " answered Jason

" And please ! Do not ever relate me with gays problem, okay? " begged Jason

[J] A S O N

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Stuff

Haha... just here to show some pic of the new things I got here !
I just bought a new mic and my dad gave me a school bag to me as the old one already rosak and it's hard to use already !

My Headset

My headset

I took this pic at the same day I blog this !

Next My School Bag !

Front view

(Left) Side View

(Right) Side View

Back View

Although it look a bit childish but it's ok la...
Q : You know why?
A : Because it's SPECIAL !!!

[J] A S O N

Monday, September 12, 2005


I'm so damn happy... as so many people trusted me and tell me lotta secrets !!! I'm not perasan but it's true... or maybe I have the nice nice and good good face writing there that I can be trusted !! Hehe !!
Anyway... I'm not going to tell you guys what I know as I'm good in keeping secret... so I'll just keep it to myself. Or maybe I have to learn also... As what Jian say... I have to keep things to myself but not to tell out... I'm learning but it's hard to change lo...
Actually last time I'm someone who keep everything to myself but this year started, I told alot about myself to the others ! Just to get attraction actually, as feeling a bit left out ma... but still okok lor~ Have to 'sekat' myself alrady, by not telling people about my feeling ???
(-_-") swt !
Anyway... I'm trying to learn to be my old-self... Change, Jia Jun ! Gambateh !!!

[J] A S O N

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Asia Cafe

Today I makan in Asia Cafe... and I also brought my camera along... as wanna take some nice picture but my mom stop me and that's a sad case for me... but finally I manage to take the sign board of Asia Cafe without her notice ! (dangerous-nya~)

Actually I don't know what to eat there lo... no mood eat already as I cannot take picture of it... Actually I found a NICE SPOT to take pic ler... but my mom la !!! Cannot tahan la... sigh... sob... sob... !!!

Hey guys ! If you had try out the place... can you kindly tell me what is nice there? I wanna go back to that place one day and makan alone or with friends and will bring my camera along that time !!! Must take pic puas-puas only can ! Hehe ! Thanks !!!

[J] A S O N

Friday, September 09, 2005

Just a notice to you

For everyone out there... I'm here just to tell you something... and that is...

Erm... I hope you guys will understand lo... please... I hope you will... thanks !!!

21st Anniversary !

Nope... it's not my anniversary... but today is my parents's 21st anniversary... already together for 21 years liao lo... haha ! Me and my sis had give them something lo... although not nice... but just a heart lo !!!

The present we gave :

I believe in love + I believe in you
The card we gave

The message:
Dear : Daddy and Mummy
*Lovely Message*
From your son and daughter !!!

The present:
Together, we love !

Hmmm... after we done everything... We did a plan for the the time to give... as my sis is sleeping in the same room as my mom and dad because of the air-cond, she can put the present in front of my parent's bed and give them a surprise in the next morning !

* Tell you a secret ! My sis heard the conversation between my Mom and Dad... asking about the present... So Cute~ !!!


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Actually I wanted to post this for a long time ago... but always busy... anyway... just post this for fun ni la... as last Thursday I was very tired, during Pn Susila's class, History class, I was so damn bored aslo... and as I forget to bring my camera that day, I can't take any of our picture while we studying in class !
* even if I brought my camera I'll not use it during Pn Susila's class right ?
** duh~ !!! isn't it obvious ???

My History Book... His - story... XD

I want holiday !
* I wrote that because Pn Susila told us that no holiday for us during holiday !!! What the... ?

Holiday I-want ???

I drew that... how's it ?
I know... I know... It's ugly !

A closer look !

Jason: "Finally Done !"
Evonne: "..."
Xiao Yu: "Holiday I-Want ? What the hack ?!"
Emily: "Holiday I-Want ? It's 'I Want Holiday' la~"
Andrew: "Holiday I-Want ? It's 'I Want Holiday' la~ Up-Side-Down !"


Monday, September 05, 2005

Pinkish Me

Aha... hey guys... just wanna show you guys my room... that's full of PINK ~~~!!!
First, I'm proudly introducing my sister's hardwork... PINK paper bird (I don't know what we normally name it...)

Thanks sis !

My mom gave me this...

My bed.

My PAC (stands for Piggy Alarm Clock)... wakes me up every morning...* very annoying * but cute ~

Even the stand of the small table is PINK ! Used this table when I am still learning ABC, quite a long history... more than 10 years I guess
... swt... -_-"

My bed again.

What else is PINK in my room...?

Jason:" Hmmm... let me guess..."

" Oh yea... I forget about my phone's small screen light ! It can change into PINK colour !!!

So... what do you think about my bed room... yea... I know that I'm ' too ' free and have nothing to do... so I just upload some pic of my bed room lo... ' Sharing is Caring ' mar... Am I right?

*Excuse me, PINK doesn't mean gay ! Okay ?


Creepy Bonehead !!!

Please try to put your 'mouse' on the box and move it... look at its eyes... HORRIBLE !!!