Sunday, June 29, 2008

Biotherm @ One Utama

Takeshi Kaneshiro, as spokesperson for Biotherm, and those are skin care products for male only.

This is me, with the promotion card I am suppose to give out.

Look around the booth.

The supervisor Lynn, long hair standing. I will miss her... she is nice !

Skin care product for female (& male too)

The machine they used for the skin analysing. And that is Casper behind.

Closer look of the machine they use.

Oh yea, not forgetting they provide Nintendo Wii for the customer to play...

...and yea, I do enjoy myself playing there too !

And this is Sky, playing baseball !

So this is my work place for 3 days at One Utama. People, have you seen me around ? Why didn't come over and say "hi" ? Hahaha, awesome job though it's kinda tiring. Nice working with you guys, the water boys: Sky, Casper, Adrian and Ming Kiat. Not forgetting the permanent workers: Lynn, Yen Yi, Catherine, June, and many other more. Looking forward for the next job, might be working in Mid Valley this time.


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