Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Enjoyable Day

Kinda fun today. Why ? PR class ended early today, due to some computer problem and the ICT people did not send the laptop to my lecturer. Then during POJ class, nothing much to discuss and yea, class ended. CCS class canceled today as we need to use the other lab which has been booked by someone else, so, basically class went quite smoothly. First time ever !

Went out with friends after that. Felt happy and cool ! Reached home at 10.30 and started working on my PR assignment which is going to due on this Thursday.

Guess is the coffee effect I drank earlier, I am seeing extra colours which is suppose to be black, and extra words... tipsy ? No, just coffee ! Maybe it's because of my stomach ache and the coffee effect, I am extreamly tired now. Sob sob...

Wanted to do my hair tomorrow. But got tennis lesson. Wish that it rains and so can postpone it !


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