Sunday, April 27, 2008

Orientation Night

Orientation Night on the 25th of April was (consider) a success. What I mean was, at least people do attend, people do happy, everything did goes smoothly, and at least most people do enjoy. Just that some problem occurs but otherwise everything's fine. Not a cameraman for the event, and got pictures from Winnie & Florence. Thanks Girls. Oh yea, a slight introduction of my new friend, Danny Dickson de devil, a cute little devil that was made of... I'm not telling what !

Well, I guess you know what is Danny made of. And so, that's all folks ! Enjoy your remaining weekends and spend your time wisely !!! Oh ya, can anyone correct my grammar mistake ? If there is any. Anyways, cheers !

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nothing Better To Do

Okay, recently I have been so hardworking with my Photoshop, I mean, I keep playing with it, and even though it is not so nice, but still I would like to upload it into my blog.

A movie scene, or a poster, or something, ToMorrow, what you think ?

I was trying to make something for my friendster, this is the first option.

And the same wording and stuff, different picture. I chose this to put into my Friendster.

What now ? I have nothing to do, and feel like comparing myself, before and after and here it is... So you like me before or now ? Or non ? Hahaha ! Cheers !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Phone

Guess I am really making this as a Picture Blog. Pictures will be related to the entry I post in [J] Strike, so for those who wants to read more about it, can go over there and on the other hand, for thoes who wants to see pictures, can come to this site. That's so cool isn't it ?

[click here for related article]

So this is my new SE K530i. And I managed to edit it since I have my [new] Adobe Photoshop CS2 installed. Comment me if you wish to, cheers !

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me & Myself

Alrighty people ! Here are some pictures of my new hair style, enjoy checking it out !

I look cute and handsome, but in real life, I am not =(

It's not really that great looking thou, and I realised only the first 2 days my hair looks the best ! Now, uh~ Don't mention about it. Heard someone who is older than me calling me UNCLE, which is kinda hurtful. Blah~ I don't care now, just waiting for it to grow longer and be more natural.

Guess I might leave this site as a Photo-based site.
Sounds great right ? I know !

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Enjoyable Day

Kinda fun today. Why ? PR class ended early today, due to some computer problem and the ICT people did not send the laptop to my lecturer. Then during POJ class, nothing much to discuss and yea, class ended. CCS class canceled today as we need to use the other lab which has been booked by someone else, so, basically class went quite smoothly. First time ever !

Went out with friends after that. Felt happy and cool ! Reached home at 10.30 and started working on my PR assignment which is going to due on this Thursday.

Guess is the coffee effect I drank earlier, I am seeing extra colours which is suppose to be black, and extra words... tipsy ? No, just coffee ! Maybe it's because of my stomach ache and the coffee effect, I am extreamly tired now. Sob sob...

Wanted to do my hair tomorrow. But got tennis lesson. Wish that it rains and so can postpone it !

Monday, April 14, 2008

Reactivate !

Alright !
From today onwards, I will be having 2 blogs under one account. This is my old blog in fact and I have decided to reactivate it and continue blogging !

Whoa, I just hope I can manage so many blogs.

Anyway, people, [J] Style is now on business ! And I doubt many people will know about this. I am not going to inform, promote or do anything to show the existence of this site. So if people so happened to click in and see this, I will be happy =)

Regenerated on 14th April 2008, 6.35 am.