Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Genting Trip

Sorry people for not updating this site for such a long time. For your information, I got sick since I came back from Genting and after one week, I am still sick ! Flu and cough. Seriously, it's not really a major sickness but still quite sicky lo...

I mean, I don't really like to fall sick especially after coming back from someone else. Anyways, class starting soon and the time table sucks ! I hate the time table for this semester.

Back to the topic, here I have some pictures to share with you guys. Took me quite some time to upload it from Photobucket, not sure what happen to the connection again. The story begins with a bunch of college students from the same class planed a trip to Genting and it ended up to be one of the successful trip. However, we forgot one important thing, something we had forgotten to do, which is a group picture. So I just simply put this picture up, as the first picture of the entry.
Back row left to right: Suet Ling, Dennis and Joanne
Front row left to right: Sue May, Jason, Mun Suet and Deborah
Photographer: Pei Hwa

Okay, there are only 7 of us in the picture above. Not forgetting the photographer Pei Hwa and one missing soul Edmund, wonder where he is when we are taking this picture. Credit to Pei Hwa for the picture. Back to the story, this 9 pathetic souls live in First World Hotel during the 3 days 2 nights trip. We reached there around noon and it was not time for check in yet. So we placed our luggage at the lobby, where the hotel will take care for us, then we head to the indoor theme park for lunch.

A 8-college-souls group picture at a restaurant name Hou Mei. The price was very expensive but the food...
Photographer: Suet Ling

We were kinda separated after lunch and everyone went to play at the arcade. I on the other hand, don't really like arcade but prefer basketball, so went to try out luck with Miss Joanne. While we were there, Miss Joanne saw her perfect man playing basketball, and indeed, he was quite cool. We failed to take a picture of the Mr Cool but there is a picture of Mr Not-So-Cool, which is me, so enjoy =)
Me, the Mr Not-So-Cool, trying my best to enter as many balls as possible.
Photographer: Joanne

We went back to the lobby at 3 something and while Pei Hwa and Suet Ling the organizers prepare to check in for us, we sit down at a corner and start taking pictures of ourselves. Dennis was with the organizers that time.
Jason and Mun Suet, she was just too shy to take picture, unlike me, proud to be in every camera !
Photographer: Unknown (forgotten... sorry)

And everyone acting crazy... except for Edmund not cooperating.
Photographer: Sue May

And yea ! We do have a special service ! The Bell Boy service... ugh, not we actually, in fact, it was just them. I mean, they have a special bell boy service. Someone who is kind enough to carry everything.
Now only I know that it is hard to be a bell boy, you have to be strong, need to carry a lot of stuff... and need to be professional to pose for the camera !
Photographer: Joanne/Suet Ling
Model: Jason =P

Alright then... I am lazy to continue describing every single detail. Just letting you know that I really enjoy this trip so much and I am looking forward the coming one. In fact, this trip is better than I thought ! So yea... enjoy the pictures... Did not manage to take a lot of pictures thou.

Cheers people !


Blogger Joanne said...

Ok, thankz for not forgetting my Mr.Cool~and i miss him so much! Hahahha...But guys look cool when they'v worked out rite? Agree kan!

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My camera is an Olympus. Actually its that i wanted you to link not my personal blog. Anyway I'll link you back within hours, thanks. =)

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