Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year Eve

"An early wishing"

I felt like vomiting now... why ?
It's because... I ate too much during the Reunion Dinner... too much !
Feel so uncomfortable now... really...
Guess how I type my entry now ? I'm standing in front of my computer... I felt better standing, cannot sit as the food... awh~ not going to talk about food d... want to vomit... blek~

I hate this day, the last day of the year (Chinese Calender)... have to clean up the house, have to help mummy, collect the shirt, fold it, keep it, wash dishes, wipe dishes, keep... bla bla bla... so tiring...

but anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone !
[J] A S O N -- Chinese New Year Eve


Confirm, I'm not going to blog about my China Trip and the Shelter Home already, it's too OLD and too LATE... so sorry...

[J] A S O N -- Sorry

Monday, January 02, 2006


Wow... according to one of the student in the Physic Tuition Class... Pn Chong had installed a new air-conditional above the door, so it means that she has 2 air-cond in the living room. I was shivering while studying, not only me, about more than 6 out of 18 student and I doubt everyone were shivering except Pn Chong. As it was raining outside I though the weather turn cold but eventually I found the truth !

What we learn is~ Not to install more than one air-cond in the same floor ! ^^...swt...

Actually what I wanna tell you guys is... I guess I'll not be blogging that often although I am not really updating that often. Haha ! I mean, it's hard for me to blog although it's holiday so after school reopen, I'll be even more busy and will not have the time to blog that much lo... hope you guys don't mind, I'll try my best to update it la~

Wish everything goes fine... bye !

[J] A S O N -- Cold